Never thought I’d be blogging, but here I am. It’s almost time for one of the few television shows I like (Primeval, on BBC America) so this one will be short. I’m an aspiring writer, looking for a place to write. Please note that any fiction or poetry I put here is copyrighted to me, and use of it without express written permission from me violates copyright law. I’m a new member of Women Writing the West, and I’m looking forward to the next year with a whole bunch of strong women with great writing skills to inspire and encourage me.  Not much more to say today, but I hope this will keep me writing.

My little dog has infections in both her ears, poor baby, so is squealing in pain when I try to put the medication in them. I don’t blame her; I’d probably do the same thing! I have one more article to write for Associated Content by Monday, on a subject that unfortunately I don’t know a great deal about. I also don’t like deadlines, but the real world is full of them. Think I’ll mosey off to live in my nice imaginary fictional world, where my dogs and I are always healthy, cookies don’t make you gain weight, and there are no deadlines or rejection letters!  If you want to read my “other” writing, you can find me here:

See you later!


Hello world!

September 14, 2008

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