January 30, 2010

I was beginning to feel that January would never end. First there was December, with blizzards that trapped me inside my house, and illness that trapped me in my bed. Then January arrived, beginning with a visit from my sister to lift my spirits, but she left, and more snow came, and then it feels like it has been dark and gloomy ever since. OK, Thursday it was sunny, but when the temperature is 2 (above! heat wave!) it can take the joy out of the sunshine, if you let it (and I think I did…). I can’t feel the days getting longer; the nights are still long and dark, there are giant snow piles everywhere, and I’m stuck in the doldrums of the bleak midwinter. Bah.

I visit my niece’s blog to get a smile(www.kateandkhan.blogspot.com). She posts pictures of Lily, her darling baby who is 18 months old, smart, cuter than a bug’s ear (although I have to admit I’ve never actually seen a bug’s ear, but if I had, I’m sure I’d still think Lily was cuter), and generally a happy, active, curious, and occasionally willful child. The photos are darling, but they make me want to visit. And I’ll bet the sun is shining in Florida.

Still no word from my Spooky North Dakota book editor. I’d really like to get that behind me so I can focus on South Dakota. Actually I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with South Dakota; I got a book called something like “The Road Guide to Haunted South Dakota” with dozens of places, a little bit of information about each, and driving directions. It’s a great resource, but I’m a little afraid to use it lest I sound like I’m plagiarizing. There are a few places that are written up in multiple sources, like Seth Bullock’s hotel in Deadwood, and the haunted bed and breakfast in Hot Springs, but unless I can find another source for a place, I’m not going to include it. And the problem is lack of sources. Maybe I can get people to tell me about some of them when I do photo excursions.

Another distraction from Spooky is the novel I’m revising, the one I hope I can find an editor or at least an agent for, based on having published the Spooky books. Foot in the door? Do editors really care that much if you have another book, different genre, already published? I want the manuscript to be so good that it knocks their socks off, so revision is the order of the day. Whether or not that will include a critique group seems to be up in the air at the moment.

And one more distraction is the silly articles for AssociatedContent.com. I feel like I’m selling my soul for $20. But I need the money, having lost 2/5 of my income because, since I could pick up my 14 pound Bichon, I’m clearly not disabled by a chronic illness. FCEs are worthless. They are 2-3 hour snapshot, and tell nothing about longterm (say, a week of 8 hour days…) ability to perform any job. Anyway, I really need to keep getting what cash I can from AC because I have new prescription insurance, and just filled a prescription that in December would have been $15 and now is $75. I’ll now have to start getting it by mail, and it will come all the way down to $150 for three months worth. Generics are still $5 a month, and that’s a good thing. It wouldn’t be a problem, except that now I have to get all new prescriptions at once, and that’s a lot of pennies.

We hear so much about health care reform, and affordable drug costs, and there’s no agreement about how it should be done. I certainly don’t know. If I didn’t have prescription insurance, my medications would cost over $900 a month. Obviously, I wouldn’t be able to take them. The $75 one is one I must have, as is another that will also be $150 for three months. ACK.

I’m rambling, so I’ll end this post. I’m just glad that on Monday, it will be February (the month of the Hallmark Holiday designed to make single people feel like total losers… happy happy joy…)


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  1. I saw something about this on TV last night…

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